Thursday, June 11, 2009

Steal-Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

Hello All-

I love to stock up when prices are low, for my own consumption and gifts! One of the best chances to do this is the Bath and Body Works Semi-Annual sale. They always have great prices and incentives on items and don't forget your coupons!

Here is 1 of many savings examples. I like the Lay it on Thick shower cream. It retails for $15/bottle so I never buy it unless it is on sale. Right now you can buy 2 get 2 free on all True Blue Spa. So, for $30 I will get 4 bottles of shower cream and stock them. But, I have a survey coupon (received from a previous store purchase) that earns me $10 off $30, so I will actually get 4 bottles for $20! That is $5 bottle, a savings of 67%! That is great!

If you don't have a coupon in your coupon holder, do a google search for printable bath and body coupons. There are some for $10 off $40 out there as well as a few % off depending on what you are buying!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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