Thursday, March 31, 2011

Coupons-Where to Get 'Em & How to Store 'Em!

Hello Savers-

You have heard me say it over and over again...whatever time you have for couponing will earn you a kick back. If you only have 10 minutes a week apply it, if you have 2 hours apply it. Whatever time you can devote to coupons/saving money will pay you back great dividends!

However...nothing is worse than using precious time to store/organize your money saving tools if you don't have a way to organize and USE those tools! Everyone has ideas and suggestions for what works to store their coupons. They are your coupons so store them whatever way works for you. Make your own or buy a product designed for this. Personally, I love the Couponizer because it works for me. I need a way to quickly organize my coupons and I needed a product that would be portable enough that I could carry it around. This product offers me both of those benefits at a decent price. It also comes with a 100% guarantee! You can't go wrong. You can pick one up at: it costs around $19.95 (some options). Use Code: Combo1 or visit to check for current codes, a 15% off code just expired last week. They are also on Facebook and you might be able to pick up a coupon code there!

Grocery Coupons abound everywhere! A few places to pick up coupons are: entertainment books, coupon inserts in the Sunday papers (some people purchase the Oregonian for Sunday delivery only...extra coupons!), off product packaging you have purchased, in pull dispensers at the grocery store, in Wednesday Register Guard grocery store flyers, and a variety of websites! Coupons get dispensed on websites typically at the beginning or end of each month. Once they are printed they are gone so it doesn't hurt to print when you see some and then save until you need them! Many companies require you set up software on your computer to print the coupons (it's typically safe), however these can include viruses, make sure you have virus protection software running. I recommend setting up an account for your deals/coupons with a specific email address. This protects you from spam to your regular mailbox! I find many of my "printable coupons" online from several blogs that I love to follow. Those include: Frugal Living NW and Thrifty NW Mom as well as Deal Seeking Mom. Those are the top 3 that I use. I follow them on line and on Facebook. I probably get 85% off my printable coupons from these 3 blogs and I am feel you will have success if you follow them too! A small caution on the printable coupons...they are not accepted everywhere and it is ANNOYING!! Companies try to stay ahead of the fraud game and as stores move to more printable coupons some larger retailers need to figure out a process...for now don't bother at WINCO..they won't accept them and you may want to check with the store before making large purchases with printable coupons they will accept them...nothing is more frustrating than being refused at the check out!

Another thing retailers are doing is allowing you to load "ecoupons" to your grocery rewards cards. Cellfire is one I have heard of and Safeway seems to have all types of ecoupon promotions. Check out their website for more information about this!

Did you know that grocery stores typically really discount items 1 time in a 12 week period? For example..if you see pasta on sale, scoop it up because it won't be discounted for another 3 months. This is one way to stock and save!

Amazing News on the coupon front!!! Frugal Living NW is coming to Eugene this Saturday for a coupon class! I would put my $ on it that this will be an amazing class full of amazing $ saving tips. I purchased my admission, but now I can't lucky blog reader can go in my space! Just let me know via an email to and I will tell you what you need to know. Want to sign up? Visit: to get all the information.

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Saving-Each Day!

Hello Savers!

Just a reminder that I post savings tips (usually daily!) on my Facebook page, so join me there if you want timely tips for saving that are usually time sensitive!

I do promise to start posting here a bit more with savings tips that can be applied every day and on many of the things you do or purchase, but the focus on the blog is more of tips that aren't as time sensitive. Either way, I am happy to share my tips that I learn!

Some of you know, but as issues happen in your life you may or may not have more time to coupon and/or save money. Any time that you put into this will pay off. If you have 10 minutes or 10 hours a week, you can reap the benefits of money saving opportunities as you begin apply the strategies I talk about in this blog.

A few months ago, I featured a holiday savings team and many of them learned new tips and tricks for saving money....whatever time you have to devote is time that will pay you dividends in the end!

My next blog post will deal with creating a gift stash...I can't wait to offer you some ideas to build a gift closet. Gifts can break the budget or can be amazing, if you plan ahead! I will be looking to answer your gift giving questions let me know if you have any gift giving or gift storage questions as I am always looking for questions you have to make the blog posts personal to my readers!

Happy Saving!