Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gigi Hill Exclusive FREEBIE & Tips on this Great Lifestyle Line!


I’ve got a closet full of bags, totes, purses, etc. and I have nothing to carry that really works well with what I have. The main problem? Nothing inside those cavernous containers organizes my goods well unless I have to buy a separate liner/insert to wrangle all my goodies. I knew I had turned into my mother when I had about a pound of change in the purse I just cleaned out. I remember (fondly!) once a week cleaning out her purse and then getting to keep anything that wouldn’t fit in the change section, I was rich! I swore I would never let my purse look that way and know I am a mom and I’ve discovered….Gigi Hill, so my purse doesn’t have to look that way!

Gigi Hill is an amazing new company that features stylish, versatile and organized handbags and handbag accessories. I’m telling you, these ladies did their homework when designing this amazing product line. You get what you pay for and you won’t be disappointed! Fun finds with a hint of vintage thrown in the mix make for a very chic line that coordinates well with your busy lifestyle!

These bags are sold exclusively through consultants or through home purse parties! This is a new line that is just being introduced nationally and you can be a trendsetter as they are just being released to the public My good friend, Tonya Reichenberger (many of you have joined her on Facebook) has become a Gigi Stylist! I hope you will join her on Facebook, schedule a party or check out what they have to offer… won’t be disappointed!

I love to share great deals, good finds and quality items that simplify your life. This post isn’t a screamin’ hot deal alert, but it is the kind of item that I like to invest in for the long run because over time I won’t need to replace the product (saving me money!). Sometimes you just can’t argue price vs. quality when a product can truly simplify your life and this product will do just that!

Now, I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I didn’t share how you can get your hands on this product at a bit of a discount right? I am the person who won’t pay full price for anything….so here goes!

My Top 5 Tips For Buying Discounted Products From At Home Party Consultants:

1)Host a Party! The best thing about doing this is you get FREE and REDUCED prices on all kinds of great items! It’s a chance for you to hang out with friends and score some great deals on a wonderful product. Don’t need a particular product? You give gifts don’t you, it’s worth it to host a party to have gifts for your friends/family for inexpensive or free! Stretch those gift dollars! Gigi Hill has a great incentive party plan, host 3 parties in a year and get a $150 gift card! This is a great incentive and would go towards some nice gifts for you or a friend.
2)Go to a party! Hostesses get the best party perks, but guests are typically offered a decent discount on a particular product for the nightly special too. For April, customers can get a rolling Audrey bag (in cow print) for just $135, down from $225! If you are looking to build a bag/suitcase wardrobe this is a great deal.
3)Catalog Party, it’s not a lot of work for you, but the benefits are good! Take a few catalogs to work with you or show some friends (set up small display in your workspace), you get the benefits of host credit, but you didn’t have to host an actual party.
4)Tell your consultant what product you are interested in adding to your collection and ask them to advise you of upcoming specials/deals on that product. Gigi Hill does exclusive fabric colors that do change. They consistently keep fabrics that coordinate so they may offer a special on a fabric/color that is running low or that is not selling as fast. Take advantage of these company sponsored discounts!
5)Barter/Trade….I love to trade goods/services with friends in exchange for products I need! If you have a friend who sells or represents products with an at home business or who owns a small business, they may be interested in bartering with you for products or services you need. I love to barter my marketing/design skills, organizing strategies or money saving tips…I get things that I need using the skills I possess to land a great deal and my friend does too!

Exclusive Deal for Facebook Friends/Blog Followers:
Schedule a Gigi Hill party in May with Tonya and get a FREE small Scarlett bag just for having a party! This is a FREE $20 gift for you in addition to all your other hostess benefits and credit towards your 3 parties/$150 gift card promo! You can't go wrong sharing with friends, connect with Tonya on facebook!

Also, don't forget you can scoop up the Rolling Audrey in cow print for just $135 (regularly $225) through April and the Rita Wallet (a great starter staple piece) is on sale for $35 down from $49! These are limited time deals, so contact Tonya if you want to purchase any of these good deals!

You can scroll to the bottom of my blog under links for the Gigi Hill direct link! Happy Browsing & Buying!

Happy Saving & Partying!


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