Saturday, July 4, 2009

Deal-Macy's Handbags/Accessories (Gift Ideas!)

Hello All-

As you know, I am all about planning ahead and this requires a bit of prep work, but pays off big!

I have my list for birthdays and Christmas already created so I look for things that fit the recipients style.

Right now Macy's has several tables of handbags, small cosmetic type bags, scarves, etc. that are marked down 25%, an additional 40% off and if you use a Macy's savings pass available on their homepage or if you use your Macy's card savings is automatic for another 15% off! I got a couple of excellent deals on these tables and will tuck away for Christmas. My best find was a cosmetic bag that was close to $30 retail for $4.50!! I did use a $5 coupon for this, but that is a great deal! I can fill this with some fun treats that I will acquire the rest of the year and I have a great gift!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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