Monday, March 31, 2008

Magazine Tips

Magazines are great notification of specials/deals, etc. As magazines are very specific to the market that they target typically the information contained in them is going to be of interest to you.

Lots of magazines I get have started to add more coupons to the mix! This is an exciting trend! One magazine that is a quick read and always contains plenty of coupons is a new release called "All You", I think it retails for around $1.97 at the newsstand or subscribe for better savings.

Which brings me to my next point...magazines are placed at check-out for impulse buying. If you buy a specific issue more than 3 times in a year, consider the cost of the can usually save a bundle!

Many magazines offer subsriber or gift subscription discounts. This month in Hallmark magazine, they featured a renew your subscription give 2 gift subscriptions for $14.95! I have the coupons if you want to take advantage of this offer I will mail them to you (I have 2 so don't delay). Also, if you subscribe to WonderTime magazine for parents of young kids, they had an offer for 4 gift subscriptions for $20! That is an amazing price, $5/subscription!

Think about magazines for special gifts, birthdays, etc! Magazines are fairly inexpensive for what you receive and your recipient will receive typically between 6-12 issues for a 1 year subscription and will think of you each time they receive it!

Happy reading!

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