Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Lifelock Identity Theft- Free Year of Service!

Hello All-

We unfortunately live in a day in age where identity theft is rampant. I have been reviewing information regarding this phenomenon and as a previous victim of an identity theft crime, I feel that id protection ranks up with any type of insurance you carry.

I have been reviewing the company "Lifelock" and I am sure you have seen the commercials on TV. I decided to sign up for this important service today and was excited to find a promo code for 1 year free and $99/year for service after the first year. This service covers 1 person, but you could sign up each member of your family using the promo code and they could all receive this special discounted plan. The promo code is VIP and it can be entered in the promo code spot at

They also offer a service for children and I am going to sign my daughter up. What is happening now is that kids are being targeted because chances are we aren't checking their reports and issues can be hidden for years until they come to a point they would apply for some type of credit. This could be devastating to them, the child protection is cheap and I feel worth it.

If you have any questions, let me know. I am happy to know I am being protected against ID theft and all the freebies you get with this service are great...I was truly surprised at what all they do for you.

Happy Savings!


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