Monday, June 9, 2008

Retail Sales & Happenings- Week of June 8

Hello All-

Hope you are saving! Here are some ideas for saving on upcoming events! Also, some new specials!

Retail Establishments:
Gymboree Retail- it is Gymbucks earning period again for redemption in mid-July (think back to school...sorry, but it will be!). They have quite a few sale racks with good prices and some "camp deals", $8 tanks/shorts, so you can size plan ahead and earn Gymbucks at the same time. I buy the camp deals for next year and tuck them away.

Macy's is having their One Day Sale this Wed/Thurs and it is the best 1 day sale of the season, a perfect time to stock up on wedding gifts you may need for summer weddings. You can see if the recipient is registered on-line and get gifts in store. Also, if you are a Macy's card holder you got the coupon, but if not watch the RG for a $10 off a $25 coupon probably appearing on Wed. I always use this coupon when gift shopping, it is a great one! Also, if you have a Macy's card take advantage of the free gift wrap perk that comes with many of the cards. Just remember when you get home to put a stickie note on it so you remember what it is! I made this mistake and would love for you to avoid it!

Starbucks- is starting up a new rewards program. To start you purchase a gift card and register it at Starbucks. Register by July 14 and get a FREE beverage! Everytime you use your gift card to make a purchase you earn points for free products, etc. Hint: put money on your gift card prior to making a purchase so you can earn your points! You need to register your card and open up an account, but this is a great program! We buy coffee at Starbucks so every time we buy a 1 pound or more using our gift card we get a free drink! They also have an auto reload program so you can make sure your card always has $ on it...check it out at

It is worth repeating over and over. Sign up for rewards/discount programs at the places you shop. This is one of the best and easiest (FREE!) ways to receive discounts at places you shop or dine already!

Happy Saving!


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