Monday, June 9, 2008

FREE-Summer Events Guide

Hello All-

I am all about saving money and looking for things to keep my daughter busy! With summer, means extra downtime and time to do fun things reserved for the summer months (if it would ever arrive!).

I will update and post more information as I find it, but here are some cheap and/or free options for summer fun!

1) Springfield Public Library has just put out their list of summer activities. Events are all free and are on weekdays and weekends. They have many special events this summer that are typically reserved for summer weather. Also, they have a summer reading program that is very fun. You get a free book for signing up and you get various prizes when you turn in your reading log. I encourage you to do this, my daughter really enjoyed it!

2) Borders & Barnes & Noble- these bookstores offer various storytime/special themed reading nights. Check out their websites for upcoming events.

3) Oakway Center Music Nights- Oakway has posted their summer concert series which kicks off June 18. If you have never been before....GO!!! It is free and fun. Kids are running around and it is a very family oriented event. Shows start at 6:30 p.m. and run through the summer. If you haven't been, but want to check it out I recommend the show on June 25 (Steel Magnolias) as they are a very kid based group, with bubbles, fun decorations, etc. Hint: make it family night and enjoy an ice cream at Coldstone (eat it while you listen to music). If you have been clipping coupons Coldstone has been offering good ones (I've seen 2 groups in the last month) that will run you through mid-summer. The best ones have been 2 smoothies/shakes for $5, 2 ice creams for $5 and a family of 4 combo for $9. I am sure they will keep doing them through the summer, so start clipping! These have been in the Register-Guard & Oregonian.

Happy Summer Savings!


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