Friday, May 16, 2008

Price Matching- Tips

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I wanted to do a piece on price matching as it is worth your time and effort to pursue this option when shopping retail. I will use a recent example to explain the process.

My husband wanted a pair of Keen water sandals for an upcoming trip. He needed them within 1 week. This was the first challenge to finding a good deal. My rule of thumb is that good deals need to be planned for ahead of time, but if their is a will (and a need) and if there is a way (he knew I could find one), we searched out our options for snagging an in-season item at an off-season price.

Being a savvy shopper, when he mentioned this shoe purchase to me I remembered that REI was having their Anniversary Sale for 1 item at 20% off. I checked the website and found that Keen shoes were already on sale at the store 27% off so we couldn't use the coupon as that was only for full price items, but we would still save some money. Upon arriving at the store we found the selection really picked over. Paul wanted black, they didn't have in the store. I checked online and REI had them in stock at the sale price, free shipping to the store, but they wouldn't arrive in time. I moved to Plan B.

We saw that Keen shoes were advertised at Joe's in the sunday circular. Side Note: be careful with Joe's advertising. They are notorious for showing items in the flyer making you think they are on sale, when in fact they just are at the store (they are making you aware of available products). Paul said they were on sale (I didn't verify this at first) so I went to the store found Black and the size he needed and went to the register to be disappointed they were regular price. I love Keen, in fact I would own only this brand if I had to pick 1 shoe brand, but I AM NOT paying full price if I don't have to! They are worth the cost, but by off-season shopping I have gotten this brand at 50% off, so I am not about to pay full price.

I remembered seeing somewhere that Joe's price matches as do many retail stores and on-line stores. Check the customer service pages on-line or visit the customer service booth at a retail store and inquire about their policies. I took my shoes up to customer service with my information about REI's sale and they promptly refunded me the price difference! I walked away feeling good about my purchase!

Tips for price matching:
Bring a copy of the ad/flyer or where the sale price is posted.
Bring the phone # of the establishment you saw the item on sale.
Having these things will speed up the refund process.

Some stores won't match on-line pricing if you are at a retail store and vice versa, but it never hurts to ask! Also, many stores these days are offering a 14+ day price adjustment so watch this for potential refunds! Also, some stores will require the other store to have the exact color or size available at the store to match you, but again can't hurt and you can save A LOT!

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