Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hallmark Store-Oakway Center, Closing! Good Deals!

Hello All-

I am sad to report that the Hallmark location at Oakway Center is closing May 27. I heard an employee saying they will reopen that branch at a later time once they find a different location, I will keep you posted.

However, in the meantime that means a store closing sale! Lots of items are 30-60% off throughout the store. Excluded are the main card selection at this point. They have pulled out seasonal merchandise (and it appears all seasons are represented) at 50% off. Lots of items throughout the last year have been put back out on sale. I found some items I had hoped to get after Christmas that they must have tucked back! I know have them! They have some great items at 30% that are part of the current collection or are not seasonal.

Also, this weekend spend $10 on non-sale items in the store and get a free Webkinz from a selected group!

Happy Saving!


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