Thursday, April 10, 2008

Orange Julius Club / The Children's Place / Gymbucks Redemption Time!

Hello All-

A couple of new sales/specials to notify you about!

1) Orange Julius has started a new e-club with special offers. I find myself typically indulging when I visit the mall, so if you do to sign up for this new club! Just for signing up you get a free smoothie with the purchase of one, special deals e-mails, special coupon on your birthday and a special treat on your anniversary with the club. Hint: Multiple e-mail accounts? Sign them all up!

2) The Children's Place at VRC is having a 30% additional mark-downs on all sale items. Great time to stock up if you are in need of clothes. Quality at this store is okay, not the best, but certainly at these prices you can afford to compromise quality. I like this store for basics that I know are more transitional pieces than long-term pieces.

3) It is Gymbucks Redemption Time!!! April 10-20 is the period to redeem and they have quite a few racks of good mark-downs so save extra money by shopping these racks with your Gymbucks. Don't plan on using your Gymbucks? Don't toss them! Sell them! Put them on Craigslist or eBay, they typically fetch close to 50% of face value so make some money if you have them around and aren't planning to use them. Hint: I like to use Gymbucks for the sale items, it gets the prices down really well on this quality line or I also like to place a few newborn items in my gift closet for later gift giving. They do have great markdowns 40%+ on newborn items. I would avoid going on-line this time around (and I usually wouldn't say that), but they have increased the shipping to $8.95+ now and that is an article of clothing at the store! So skip the e-tail site and make a trip to VRC or your local mall to make your purchase. I would recommend calling ahead of time to make sure the item you want is there if you are looking at new lines as they are already getting picked over!

Happy Savings!


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