Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Old Navy- Stuff & Save Time

Hello All-

It is here again! Old Navy Stuff & Save Time until April 24. This is great time to stock up on all your clothing needs at Old Navy. Use your Old Navy, Gap or Banana Republic card and save 20% on your whole online order. Use promo code: STUFFSAVE

I believe Old Navy typically sends out plastic shopping bags to customers as well, but mine hasn't arrived in my mailbox. The theory is that anything you can stuff in the bag warrants the discount and they are pretty particular about sticking to this rule.....so if you want more than you can fit into a medium shopping bag, just buy items online as you can place ANY size order at the discounted rate. Check out the bargains tab in each category for rock bottom pricing. I love the basic long sleeve tiny crewneck tee....only $5.99 down from $14.50 + 20% savings! This is a deal!

I want to give kudos to the Gap corporation for there great perks on their credit cards! You can have a card from any store Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and earn perks/rewards at each o these stores. Each store will try to sell you on their specific branded card, but if you only hold one you are able to use and gain perks from any of the retailers and you can use your card at any of the stores. If you are considering a credit card, I would recommend them.

Happy Saving!


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