Thursday, April 24, 2008

GAP- Toddler Sleepwear Sale!

Hello All-

When it comes to kids clothes, I follow the motto shop when it's on sale and stock 'em away! I have some products that are true staples in Chaya's wardrobe. One of those is the Gap 2 piece sleepwear sets. These are cozy, wash well and hold up well!

These typically retail for $22 (oh how I miss Gap Kids at VRC), because you could usually get them for as low as $8.99, but with the on-line store you can still get some bargains.

Right now they have quite a good selection and I have been watching the prices slowly dropping the last couple of weeks. They have several sets at $12.99 now. Sets include long sleeve shirts/pants and short sleeve shirts/shorts. I like both sets for various seasons and I like to buy the other sets to save for upcoming seasons.

This is my recommendation. If you are in need of pj's buy what you want.need. Gap has a 14 day refund policy if the price drops. I will buy mine at 12.99 and get free shipping using my Gap Silver Visa. Gap offers various free shipping offers for cardholders and non-cardholders with certain $ purchases, allowing for more savings! Then, I will watch the site daily for the next few weeks to see if the price drops. If it does (and it will!), I will email customer service for my price difference refund. The perk on this if you purchase now you can get what you want, but you can also get the refund later when the price drops. You just have to watch the site carefully because if stock runs out (and it usually does when it drops around $9.99 you have to see the posted price to report the change to customer service).

A side note on Gap....if you are in a retail store, the final markdown price ends in .97 cents. If you are finding an item with that price, it is the lowest it will go in the store before it leaves....pick up this bargain!

Happy Saving!


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