Sunday, April 6, 2008

Scholastic Video Series/ Little Golden Books/ Nancy Drew- Costco Deal

Costco is currently offering some wonderful sets of kids videos/books and I wanted to tell you about it! These items typically go VERY quickly in my previous experience so if you are interested don't delay and be disappointed!

The first is the Scholastic Video Series (16 DVD's for $59.98) with over 100 stories. These are awesome if you haven't seen them before I highly recommend them! They take classic stories (some really well known and some not so well known, but still excellent) and create movies around them. The set includes over 100 stories on film. This set comes in a storage box, but you could break the set if you wanted as each DVD is individually wrapped. Hint: A great gift to put in your gift closet for when you need a DVD for a present. Consider buying one of the books on the DVD and pair with the book for a special treat for a child!

The next set are books from the classic Little Golden Books series (yes the ones you had as a kid). They have a Set #1 & #2 for Girls and a Set #1 and #2 for Boys. Each set has 10 books for $18.49. These are in a package together, but again you could split out for books to give away if you wanted. The story lines contain the vintage titles you probably read in your youth mixed in with some fun Disney classic story tales as well. Hint: These are the types of sets that I love to buy and trade on where these are highly sought after titles and I get to trade them for adult books that would have cost me much more! The cost for these is $1.85 each!

Costco is also offering their Nancy Drew Mystery Series sets in groups of 4. Sorry I don't have the current price on this set, but it is a steal! I am a collector of the series and think it has great value for the tween readers among us. If you have a young girl or even boy in your life who likes mysteries then you might consider this set as it is cheaper to buy the 4 pack set than individually!

Happy Saving!


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