Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fresh Body Market- Employee Discount Customer Sale!

Hello All-

Have you ever tried Fresh Body Market products? I got hooked on them when they were carried at a store at the 5th Street Public Market.

All of their products are natural/ organic, many vegan and they smell great!

Right now they are having their best sale that they run a couple of times a year. It is the "employee discount" sale for customers. You save 31% on products. Each month they typically run some type of special, but this is typically the most discounted sale!

They have a limited product line, but I highly recommend the bubble baths. They come in fun milk jug style containers in 3 flavors, our favorite is the strawberry and chocolate milk baths. A little product goes a long way, yes it is more pricey than your drugstore selection, but these are high quality ingredients. Also, we love the Strawberry Slush, it is like cleaning your body with a strawberry yogurt smoothie. The smell is amazing and the little strawberry seeds gently exfoliate your skin.

Just released is a new VIP club for discounts/updates on new products. I joined and can't say much about the club yet as a new member, but I do know that sometimes these VIP clubs are limited to how many can enroll so I would say if you are interested enroll today.

Visit: or click on my link for retail websites on my blog!

Happy Saving!


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