Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Albertson's Movie Bonus + Dollars Off!

Hello All-

I will admit, I am a pretty loyal Winco shopper because I hate to pay more for my food than I need to, but sometimes the larger grocery stores offer items that are pretty good and hard to pass up....especially if the perks apply to you!

This week at Albertson's they are running a couple of promotional offers on Kellogg's & Dr. Pepper/Mars/Kraft/Nestle products. You can check out your Wed. grocery flyer in the RG if you want to see all the products.

If you buy $25 worth of select Kellogg's products you get 2 movie tickets. If you buy $25 worth of the Dr. P/Mars/Kraft/Nestle products you also get 2 movie tickets. These are stand alone offers, but if you decide to take advantage of both offers, you will also receive a $10 shopping pass to use on a future visit. A movie voucher is issued to you at the check-out and you print your tickets at home, saying value of $58 if you take advantage of both offers....this is probably pretty accurate as spendy as movies are these days.

Many of the items included in the current promotion seem to be on promo pricing right now too, so pick up some better pricing on these and the extra promos being offered.

Hint: If you have been coupon clipping and want to take advantage of these promos, you might be able to get the cost down even more. Coupons apply after the item has been rung and you have met the $25 total, so if you have coupons for items included in the promotion you would spend even less!

These are the types of promos I try to take advantage of and it does require stocking up on items you might not need in the immediate future. Depending on your use check expiration dates to make sure you will use products before they expire! If you have a pantry or other area to store items that are being "stocked" it makes sense to take advantage of these promos as they become available.

Happy Saving!


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