Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LL Bean- Kids Clothing Review + $10 Gift Certificate & Free Shipping!

Hello All-

When you think of LL Bean you may not think of kids clothing, but I recommend you take a look at what they have to offer.

With quality that rivals Gymboree and other medium-to higher end retailers, they are worth a look! They have quality basics that you can't find anywhere (trust me I've looked!)

Visit: www.llbean.com

They have incredible basic items that you need every day, but the quality and price are the best combination. The items are fairly priced for the high quality and with a great reputation and 100% satisfaction guarantee you can't go wrong. They have even introduced some eco-friendly clothing such as the Organic Cotton Tee with fun screenprints (item #AQ56261) starting at a size 4 all the way up to 18 for $16.50. This is the best price on organic clothing I have found! Also, check out item #AQ52517 the Fitness Fleece Pullover for girls & boys in prints/solids starting at $17.95. This item has been a staple in Chaya's wardrobe the last couple of years and I am glad to see they brought it back. It is the most versatile all season pullover I have ever seen for that price! Very fun color combos too this year! I wish they made them in mommy sizes (hey, maybe they do I haven't checked yet!). Oh goodie, they do, I just checked for $19.95!!!

Anyway, if you are considering a purchase, make it by April 28! A $50 purchase earns you a $10 gift card. Hey, maybe you could use it to kick back in one of their awesome Adirondack chairs, hopefully one will make an appearance in my yard this year!

So to recap, place a $50 order- get a $10 gift card for future redemption. Want your order shipped for free? Try code 2373230 in the promotions field for free shipping. It will take 7-10 business days, but for free....I'm willing to wait!

Happy Saving!


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