Sunday, April 20, 2008

Schwan's Home Delivery-Customer Savings Program

Hello All-

If you are a Schwan's customer you probably have been advised about this savings program from your delivery driver.

If you aren't a Schwan's customer it is a great time to check them out with their new savings plan. This special is good through the end of August. I think they are testing this plan out to see how it works and to increase sales.

All you do is go to and place your order. You do need to enter promo code: MC to receive the discount. The discount gives you 5% off your order. Not a lot, but anything helps!

They have a new option where they can leave your items in a freezer bag if they miss you too, so that is helpful! I love their ice cream, it is great! I usually focus on that when I purchase from them. I also have tried and liked some of the snack/appetizer items, pizza and other ice cream novelty items (Chaya loves the single serve confetti cups).

Happy Savings!


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