Friday, May 15, 2009

Steal-Prepaid Cell Phone Service

Hello All-

Tired of paying for high cell phone service? If you are like me (and I know many of you are not in this situation, but read on for some good savings). I don't text, I don't send pics from my phone and I save my iPod for my music. I have a land line because I don't get good cell service at my house. Yet, I pay almost $80 a month from the V cell phone service....this really got me when I looked at my statement and my husband used his phone for 3 minutes last month!

Needless to say, I am paying out TOO much money every month for this service. Introducing the prepaid cell option! I can keep my current phone #, I will need to purchase a "prepaid phone", but Verizon offers 5 prepaid options and I can prepay $100 worth of access/airtime that is good for 1 year from purchase. I can get a phone for $50. I will need to terminate my current contract at $100, but that alone is worth the savings I will instantly reap.

This is my breakdown:
Current Bill Average: $75 (12 Months- $900)
2 New Prepaid Phones $100
Termination Fee: $100
Access/Airtime Cards: $200 (1 year-2 phones)
Total for 1 Year of Prepaid Service:$400, a savings of $500 for the year and even more in additional years as the phone and termination fees won't be incurred.

This is what I call an incredible savings! Consider a prepaid plan if you don't need the latest hip phone and you don't use cell features.

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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