Sunday, September 28, 2008

Savings Tips-Online Retailer Update


Those of you who read my blog read about my story of the on-line retailer that would not allow a return of shoes because they were "on sale".

Some stores have odd return policies or really stringent ones. However, if you don't see that policy clearly posted (within reasonable requirements)- for example on the check out page and you end up in an issue where an item can't be returned consider challenging the charge with your credit card company if you paid with a card.

I recently did this when the company wouldn't let me return and the policy was nowhere on the site, only on my receipt that came with the item. I challenged it with AMEX, my card provider used for the purchase and I WON!!! I was so excited, I got my money back and I got to keep the shoes! I will sell the shoes as they didn't work, but due to the stores lack of policy being clearly stated I won my case.

This is a challenge that I have used over 5 times due to on-line retailer issues and I highly recommend using a credit card when making large or on-line purchases because you do have the backing of credit card protection you may not have when paying by debit card and you won't have when paying with cash.

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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