Thursday, September 25, 2008

Steal- $5 Savings Walgreens (Friday & Saturday)

Hello All-

I just love Walgreen's new promo tool....running a $ off coupon typically on Friday/Saturday. They don't do it every week, but when they do it is a great way to stock up on their weekly loss leader items that you use and keep some extra money in your pocket!

This weeks coupon is $5 off a $20 purchase this Friday & me at if you need the coupon link.

Hint: Get a weekly flyer and the EasySaver catalog for September and let the savings begin! I make it a game of trying to see how many coupons I can use to maximize savings. Buy things you will use (paper products) to help boost the initial $20 requirement. You can use Walgreens coupons, Manufacturers Coupons and the $5 coupon together to maximize your savings! If you haven't yet purchased the "free after rebate" products this month...go this weekend! Buy the products that are part of the free promotion, use your coupon and redeem your rebate on-line, it's like they paid you to take those items home! This months items I have tucked away for a few stocking stuffers (Nivea men's body wash, Chemistry hair repair, lip gloss, nail polish, etc.) It is fun to make a game out of trying to get free stocking stuffers, so far most of my stuffers for the 12 people I buy for I have obtained for free this year, just tuck them away...its easy!

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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