Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lifestyle Tip-Kids Activity Books & Magazines

Hello All-

My daughter has discovered activity books/magazines and I want to recommend a product that I have been very pleased with.

Highlights for Children has an assortment of products perfect for Pre-K to Elem. aged kids.

We especially enjoy High 5, Puzzle Buzz and Hidden Pictures Playground. These all have puzzles, stories and activities for kids. Visit to see what options are offered and pricing. I am signed up for recurring shipments which makes it easy!

My daughter and I have a deal that everyday she can stop me at any point (I get to say no 1x in case I am in the middle of something) and say "it's time for my puzzle books" and we spend 30 minutes on a book.

She has enjoyed this 1 on 1 time with me that is special dedicated time. We set the timer, don't answer the phone, she gets my full attention. I encourage you to start this with your child!

Happy Sanity!

Summer H.

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