Thursday, February 5, 2009

Travel Tip- Prepay, Lock In & Save

Hello All-

Hoping to go on a vacation or planning one right now? I am planning a trip to Canada this Fall and wanted to share a recent tip I am finding with hotels right now.

The economy has gone south and so have people's travel budgets, but you can still go on vacation and save $!

Many hotels are offering prepay and save dates. My family enjoys traveling through National Parks in Canada. One of the best properties we have stayed in up North is a Fairmont Hotel property called the Jasper Park Mountain Lodge. This property is way above our price range, but the amenities they offer are superb and so to stay there I have to get creative! First of all, I find out when the low season begins...I start our travel that day. It is a savings of over $600 a night! I know crazy, but these rooms are apparently highly sought after in the high season...I won't be traveling at that time because I can't afford that nor would I ever pay that. I was hesitant this year with plopping money down on a pricey hotel, so I got on Fairmont's website and found out they are offering a non-refundable deposit if you prepay your room. If I take advantage of this, I will save another $200/night, taking the room down to $271 a night, a great savings off the high season rate of $1200/night!

You can find these deals primarily by visiting the hotel chains you intend to stay at and looking at their specials/values pages. If you aren't seeing a prepay option, I would call the 1800# and see if they are offering such packages. The hotels like this because it is a burst of money into their coffers and you get the discount. Just make sure your plans won't be changing, because you will take the loss if you don't use the reservation and you typically can't change read the fine print. It can be a steal if you use it!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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