Sunday, February 1, 2009

STEAL-Free Pert Plus + February Freebies (Walgreens)

Hello All-

Welcome new readers! I want to remind all my new and loyal fans about the special rebate offers at Walgreen's each month. They typically offer between 3-7 FREE items each month after rebate.

What does that mean? You go to the store, purchase the items, go home enter your receipt (it takes 1 minute) and they cut you a reimbursement check and you keep the doesn't get easier than this! AND..if you put your rebate bucks on a Walgreen's gift card they give you a 10% rebate bonus back too!

Here is my February rebate story:
This month I picked up 4 of the 6 free items (the other 2 were out or haven't arrived yet). This came to around $28.44. I also on the same trip purchased my husband a 13.5 oz. bottle of Pert Plus for .49 cents! How? It is on sale for $3.49, the Easy Saver catalog has a $1.50 coupon and I had a manufacturers coupon for $1 (this is called coupon stacking, you can use a store and manufacturers coupon on the same item!). However, it's like they paid me to take these items off their hands and the shampoo too because I am going to get an additional $2.84 added to my rebate gift card! Yahoo!!! I will then use this gift card next month to purchase the freebies, you just keep adding to it each month and using for the's easy, please try it!!

OK, I can hear some of you saying, but I won't use those products! Great, put them in your gift closet (this month the lipstick/concealer would be great for that purpose) or donate them to a local charity...times are tough right now and these places need donations. You still get the 10% bonus too!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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