Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Free School Supplies & Shampoo- Here's How!

Hello All-

I just love to share savings examples. Here is how to get $5 of school supplies and some Pert Plus shampoo free this month!

You will need:
Coupons-Sunday Register Guard 8/3
Specifically: Pert Plus / Sure Coupon, School Supply Rebate Slip, Easy Saver Catalog Walgreen's

What to do:
1. Clip the Pert Plus shampoo coupon for $2 from the RG coupons. Clip the coupon for Sure deodorant or the other Pert Plus coupon.
2. Go to Walgreen's Store (open in Eugene soon!)
3. Purchase $5 worth of Pert Plus or Sure deodorant products. This is before coupons..just make sure the $ amount of your items is $5 or just above (most savings for you!). Make sure to give the cashier your coupons.
4. Once home, visit www.walgreens.com and click on Easy Saver Rebates tab. Enter your receipt information for the Free Pert Plus offer this month. If you use your coupon, you should actually get paid for buying the shampoo! Fill out all the information and ask to put it on a Walgreen's gift card for the 10% bonus!
5. Gather up your receipt, all your school supplies and the rebate form from the RG. This rebate has some specific requirements. You have to follow the 3-4 steps on the form, but it is worth it to save the money! Send in this rebate!

A few steps and you end up saving close to $10 and getting some free stuff...a good deal! Questions-email me at summerhighfill@yahoo.com, happy to answer them!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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