Sunday, August 31, 2008

Steal- Walgreen's Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste Free!

Hello All-

If you get a national Sunday paper and got the P&G coupons, clip the Crest 75 cents off coupon on the back page. Take it to your local Walgreen's and buy a tube of Crest Pro-Health. Pick up the Sept. Easy Saver and fill out on-line or mail in rebate.

This item is free this month and you get 75 cents as well! Its like they are paying you to buy this item! Take advantage of this!

Hint: If you don't like or use this brand, consider donating it to a local shelter. They are always in need of toiletry type items and you do a good deed! I always encourage people to buy the monthly free items and donate them! You do have to front the money, but you will get the rebate back and if you do it online you don't have to pay for postage! Better yet, apply your rebate to a Walgreen's gift card and get a 10% bonus added to the card!

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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