Sunday, August 3, 2008

On-Line Retailer Return Caution

Hello All-

Part of saving is easily found on on-line retail sites. I like and have just recently started using their 3rd party sellers option they have available on their site.

I found out the hard way about needing to be very careful about certain on-line retailers and their slightly deceiving return policies. You wouldn't save any money and actually may lose money (I did!), if your item doesn't work out for you and the company has stringent return policies.

I recently purchased some shoes from an on-line retailer that was one of amazon's 3rd party sellers. I don't want to mention their name as I believe in the Golden Rule, but basically I purchased my daughter a pair of shoes which did not fit (shoes are helpful to try on and I couldn't get this pair locally). I was told after the fact (no return policy) stated obviously that they were on sales and sale items can't be returned. I shared my frustration with this policy considering the item and the need to actually try it on! I hope they will change their policy in the future.

A word of consumer advice: read your online retailers return policy. My experience shows me that the cheaper an item, the more stringent the return policy may be. Make sure what you are getting into before you purchase an item that you might be stuck with!

Happy Savings & Safety!

Summer H.

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