Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tires-Costco Critique and Savings!

Hello All-

Always on the prowl for good deals, I purchased my last set of tires from Costco. I saved $60 on a set of 4 high end tires that are excellent quality and beat all the regular retailers in town (I checked!). Right now Costco is offering $80 off a set of 4 through 8/24/08.

Never buy tires at Costco unless they are running a promotion which they do around 4-5 times per year. If you don't need tires, but will soon pre-buy them and then return them for placement on your vehicle when you are ready. It doesn't cost anymore, just your time to return for placement. I did this last time and it worked really well!

The only problem is that Costco is not as highly staffed as a regular tire facility at least my location (Eugene, OR). The staff are great and really efficient, but they are limited to employees so it means longer than average waits. I have found that to get around this go late in the evening approx. 30-45 minutes before closing as there is not usually anyone there and you get in and out faster!

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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