Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bath + Body Works (Gift W/Purchase!)

Hello All-

Many of you ask me for tips on how to really maximize your savings in retail locations.

Here is an example of what I typically do at Bath & Body Works. This example is a great one and can be applied to any promotion going on at any is what I like to call "coupon stacking".

Right now at Bath and Body Works they are offering a free Eau De Toilette with purchase of $30. You can pick any scent you want from many!

I have a coupon for $10 of $30 purchase from a recent receipt on a previous visit. I answered a few questions and was awarded with this savings. You could also use many of the retail coupons they hand out.

I used my $10 off coupon. I decided to purchase the most adorable bags they have right now (Originally $30 on sale for $15), they are called Love it or Leaf it and feature a beautiful vintage-y leaf print in green/blue. Inside are a wooden massager, sisal terry back strap and a seafoam sponge. When you purchase this item you get a sample (travel size) new Rainkissed Leaves to go with your bag! Now, I would be at $30 so I could use my coupon, but I wouldn't qualify for the free full size Eau unless I spent $30...I always look through the store for what is currently on special and get to the minimum I need to be at without going over by much to maximize my savings. I found they had C.O. Bigelow shower washes, normally $12 on sale for $6 each. I picked up 2 of these bringing my total to $32 total!

Run-Down of $32 purchase that would have cost me $108 regular retail!!!

2- Love It Leaf It Bags
2-Travel Size Rainkissed Leaves Shower Gels
2- C.O. Bigelow Vitamin Body Wash (Full Size)
1-Eau De Toilette in Rainkissed Leaves
1- Free Coupon for Next Visit!

What I do, is I plan ahead! These bags are gifts for friends this year and I will throw the free Eau De Toilette in so they can enjoy that too! This is a wonderful store for gifts as they will take back/exchange anything with their 100% satisfaction guarantee. Gift giving is easy as they can exchange if necessary!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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