Thursday, July 31, 2008

Story- How I Got 21 items for $8 at Walgreens!

Hello All-

Coupon stacking: a concept that allows you to save money by purchasing and stock piling items using store and manufacturer coupons to get the best value for your money.

Here is my story. I got an email from Walgreen's with a $5 off a $20 store purchase on Thursday, July 31 only. This got the ball rolling for me to visit and see what I could get for around $20. I used 1 manufacturer coupon from my couponizer, current Walgreen's in store circular and the Walgreen's Easy Saver Catalog. Bottom Line: Cost of items was around $42 retail, I walked out spending around $8 after rebates/incentives.

I purchased:
2 Boxes of 38 count Tuf Garbage bags. Used in store price promotion as well as $5 rebate from Easy Saver catalog.
4 Boxes of Mac & Cheese using in store coupon
4 (3.53) Dark Chocolate-Dove Bars in store coupon/movie promo
6- Full Size Candy Bars- in store coupon
2- (9.5 oz)- Dove Wrapped Candy in Bags- in store coupon/movie promo
2- Large M&M Candies bags- in store coupon/movie promo
Pert Plus Shampoo- manufacturer coupon/FREE after rebate! They paid me to take this item home!

I knew I wanted to only purchase items that I could get the best value for my money, I wanted to stack promos! Of course, the shampoo was the best value. It was FREE with Easy Saver rebate in August. I had a $2 off Manufacturer Coupon as well, so I actually got paid $2 to take this item off their hands! I noticed that in the Easy Saver catalog they had a movie promo running. If you purchased $12 in Dark Chocolate products you would get a free movie ticket. I purchased Dark Chocolate products that were on sale, used in store coupons to get to $12 and will earn a free movie. I will put this chocolate in my gift closet for fun add-ons to upcoming summer birthdays.

With Walgreen's if you apply your rebates to a Walgreen's gift card they will add 10% of your rebate total on to your gift card, this is the way to go! They have a simple, easy to fill out rebate system. Just make sure you come right home and FILL IT OUT!! You don't want to miss out on your savings.

Walgreen's is a great place to shop if you use in-store coupons, shop the FREE items (they run 5-6 free with rebate every month!) and sign up for their emails on, you will hear about all the $ off day sales that way too!

Happy Savings!

Summer H.

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