Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mini Boden-Promo Code(s)- Hints for How to Shop This Vendor!

Hello All-

Mini Boden is one of my most fave companies for kids clothes. My daughter has eclectic taste and they foot that bill!

However, their clothes are pricey and I rarely purchase anything that is full price. If you like shopping this retailer, here are some hints to score good pricing and maybe a bargain!

Tip #1: Sign up for their e-newsletter from their home page. This is the first way to get notification of on-line sales/specials. These sale items go fast, so to have first notification is helpful.

Tip #2: They have a refer a friend program that can net you up to $20/month if you don't mind handing out information (I personally am against it, but hey do what you feel comfortable with!).

Tip #3: Mini Boden rarely sends out generic coupon codes and that is why it is so hard to find them on-line. They use a system (and are probably smart to) that you have to use your customer # found on your catalog to score the current promo. This cuts down on coupon sharing....so sign up for the catalog!

Tip #4: They run a Buy 3, get 1 for $1 promotions several times a year. This is the time to stock up on items...just make sure they are all around the same price so that $1 item is extra worth it!

Tip #5: They often run a percentage off and free shipping/returns with a certain dollar amount. Buy the amount you need for the free shipping/returns and then send back items you don't want. This way you save on shipping. Right now the promotion is 10% off, but you have to spend $125 to get free shipping/returns. Maybe you only want $50 worth of items. Buy $125 to get it shipped free and return it for free. This is a tad shady, but your discount gets eaten up quickly when you have to pay shipping. Yes, it is a bit of a hassle having to a return, but for me worth the cost/time involved.

Tip #6: There sizing is fairly easy to follow once you have it down. Many of their items are in 2 age ranges (3-4 or 5-6, etc.). I have found that many of these items can be worn for over a year (without a major growth spurt happening), so it pays to buy pieces in the off-season and store ahead for future use. Right now the summer seasonal pieces are on sale and prices have been discounted further. I have stocked up on pieces that I buy every year, they hold up well and are very comfy! In the event that you end up guessing incorrectly, these pieces are hot on the resell market (try eBay or Craigslist)- people are willing to pay good money for these and if you got on sale you may be able to recoup most of your cost if not more!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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