Friday, July 25, 2008

Lands End-Free Shipping Offer (School Clothes!)-7/29

Hello All-

I always rave to my friends about Lands End and their great products and prices, but FREE SHIPPING really tops it off (plus, free returns to Sears stores)! This offer is good through 7/29, so don't miss it!

I am sharing my codes with you as only 2 orders will work for promo code, if you want to use it please do, just know it is first come / first served with this code. See below for code information.

I know, I know you might think Lands End and think preppy mature clothing....look again! With quality that rivals Gymboree and prices that rival a cheaper dept. store, you really can't afford not to see what they have to offer. They are getting MUCH better at wonderful affordable basics as well as a nice mix of fun/eclectic choices that rival Mini Boden, that you really can't go wrong with their fashions. They focus on colors that are great for mix/match, wonderful for those of us who have kids who want to dress themselves and we don't want to leave the house embarrassed!

I highly recommend this brand and we purchased a good deal of our school clothes from them this year. The plus side is that you can return items to Sears, which is convenient and cheaper than mailing items back if they don't work.

Check it out:
Promo Code: HOT Pin #:660133268

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