Wednesday, July 23, 2008

FREE Crayola Markers + Pilot Gel Pens (Walgreen's This Week!)

Hello All-

This week at Walgreen's you can choose from 3 sets of various Crayola markers and a 2 pack of Pilot G2 Gel Pens and get them for free! Yes, you can!

The Crayola markers (classic pack, doodlers or 20 piece set) are on sale for $2 with in-store coupon. The Gel Pens are on-sale for $1 with in store coupon.

All you do is grab an Easy Saver Catalog on your way in or out and fill out the rebate information and you will get a check back for $3 or add your rebate amount to a Walgreen's Gift Card and they will send you a card with $3.30 added on to it! They always add 10% more to your gift card if you go that route!

It's Easy!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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