Sunday, January 25, 2009

Deal-Lands End Kids Clothes

Hello All-

This post is a rave about a company that has been slowly expanding their kids line and I have to give them kudos for the work they have done to increase the trendiness, but keeping the classic looks associated with their origins.

If you haven't shopped at Lands End Kids then let me run down what you are missing...Gymboree quality/stain resistance + Mini Boden funky/trendiness + Childrens Place pricing. I think you will agree with my comparison once you check them out at: rarely find this type of quality/fun at such affordable prices and they have even added SPF enriched clothing this year!

The best part? They are an online e-tailer, but you can return to Sears! So, if something doesn't work out you don't have to ship it back!

Happy Saving & Shopping!

Summer H.

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