Monday, January 19, 2009

Savings Tip- Magazines Gift + Sharing

Hello All-

Magazines are fun and are a great idea for an inexpensive gift for a friend!

They are also an easy alternative for giving an inexpensive gift that will last typically the whole year. Your friend will think of you each time they get their new magazine each month.

Look for promos where magazines you receive might offer a gift or incentive to you if you give the magazine as a gift. Typically it takes a bit for the 1st issue to arrive, so you can give the current copy with a "gift certificate" for the future issue or print a copy of the cover (go to mag website) and give a certificate, some magazines will send announcements of the gift too!

Also, consider sharing magazines with friends if you have similar interests. You can subscribe to one, they to another and then you can swap each month once you are done reading!

Ideas for gifts include:
Parents or Parenting-baby shower
Real Simple, Hallmark, All You, Ladies Home Journal-Friend Birthday
Outdoor Life, Shape, Fitness-Outdoor enthusiast

There are so many choices out there that you will have no problem locating the appropriate one!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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