Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Deal-Walgreen's Photo Developing (Exp. 1/10)

Hello All-

Watch for good photo developing deals in the New Year! I like to shop around and find out the best deals for my pics!

Since getting back from my vacation I had 240 photos to develop. It would be easy, but not very cost effective to simply order all these through 1 developer (unless they had an excellent % off deal!). I look for pictures to be developed for 8 cents or less, this is a good deal.

Here is what I did:
1) Walgreen's is offering 50 prints for $5. I uploaded 50 pics to them and got this deal. I love the quality and customer service and I get them within 1 hour.
2) I then uploaded all my photos to Snapfish (I hope to make a photo book when they go on sale). They offer a prepaid option where you can pre-pay for all types of developing at a reduced price. You can buy 250 digital print credits for $19.99 (8 cents each), plus accounts get all types of free credits so check your account...I noticed I have 20 free prints good through the end of the month! I will use those first and then my prepaids.

It takes a bit of work to shop around, but splitting out your orders through various developers can save you money!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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