Sunday, March 29, 2009

Caution/Savings Tip-Macy's Information

Hello All-

I am seeing too many changes in coupons and how sales are applied at a variety of stores and I learned a valuable lesson this weekend at Macy's that I want to share.

I am a past Macy's employee and it is not my intention to speak ill of them, but I just want you to be a savvy shopper, so here is my savings tip/caution!

They offer some great coupons, but half the time they exclude all types of items, if you don't see the exclusion clearly listed, ask to see a manager, often they will honor the discount if it isn't spelled out on the coupon, but they also use generic language like "designer" which encompasses MANY items...these coupons are a bit difficult to use. If you are a Macy's card holder you will get more coupons with fewer exclusions and this is a nice perk!

This weekend I was looking for a new bedding set for my daughter, I found a Tommy Hilfiger set that I liked, but they didn't have it at my local store (found out from a phone call), but some one had returned the throw pillows to the store, so I could check out the print there and buy the rest of the pieces on-line through Macy's. I got to the store and purchased the pillows. I thought the price seemed higher than on-line, but I thought I was confused, so I went home to check. Sure enough, the price on-line was MUCH cheaper than in the store....aaaah!!! So, I called the store and they were happy to price match if I brought the print-out from the website into the store, but I had to do it within 1 day because the sale was ending, so I have opted to just return these to the store and I purchased the other pillows on-line. I was advised by the store I would be looking at shipping charges, which is true, but it was free shipping this weekend, so I did save money shopping on-line. Before you make a major purchase at Macy's either check the price and print out the item before you go to the store because if it is cheaper on-line they will match it or at least check a purchase when you get home and if it is cheaper go back for a price adjustment!

Also, the bedding that goes with the TH set I was looking at I found at for $100 less than Macy's was charging!!! This is a great reminder that it is good to do a search for a product to see who is selling it for cheaper! I got a $550 set for $89, a great savings!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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