Monday, March 23, 2009

Lifestyle Tip-Create a Reading Nook

Hello All!

From time to time I like to inspire you to use your savings to do fun things around your home or in your life. Her is a recent lifestyle tip for you to enjoy!

If you have a child who is 4+, creating a reading nook is an excellent idea to help them establish this wonderful hobby!

This weekend I was inspired with some of my proceeds from my craigslist sales to finally create a reading nook for my daughter. I rearranged some of her toy storage area, creating a cozy (perfect for a young child) area where she can plop down and enjoy reading or other quite activities.

It is super easy and inexpensive to create a special space. I incorporated a bean bag (we already had) with a metal TV tray (already had) as the table that holds a table lamp (already had) and I placed a basket under the table (already had) that holds books for reading. The nook is right under a window for good natural light, but the table lamp incorporates a cozy feel to the area. I did purchase a fantastic rug at HomeGoods to pull the corner together. I was able to pull together 4 items I already had that didn't really have a home or were being stored in my garage to put together a fun new element in my home and it cost $60 (for the rug) which I had from selling old clothes on craigslist!

I hope I have inspired you to look at what you have in your home to change things or make it feel like you have added some new-ness to your home even if you don't spend any money!

Happy Living!

Summer H.

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