Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deal-Free Bowling (Firs Bowl)-Register Guard

Hello All-

Did you know that each day the Register Guard has a Deal of the Day Coupon? Did you know on Sunday they have a Deal of the Week coupon?

If you didn't, time to start checking!

In Sunday (4/15) the Deal of the Week is a free game of bowling at Firs Bowl on River Road in Eugene. One coupon per person, but you can use multiple coupons if you have a check with friends/family to score some coupons if they aren't using them!

My family went today for $1.75! We each had a free bowling coupon and Paul and I have our own shoes* (see story below), so just my daughter had to get shoes, a cheap fun family time!

*Bonus Savings Story: If your family participates in activities on a regular basis (ice skating, bowling, etc. and your feet are done growing) I suggest purchasing shoes for that activity. They will pay for themselves very quickly! I purchased some really cool vintage bowling shoes for my husband and myself for $19.99 a pair (they are brand new!) on eBay. If we go bowling 11 times (which we will do in one year), we will then start saving money on shoes! We like to ice skate too, so we visited Play it Again Sports after our bowling excursion and my husband scored a pair of Bauer Hockey Skates for $20, regularly $100 (if purchased new). Skate rental is around $4/session, so in 5 trips he will have paid for them!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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