Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deal-Kids Eat Free, Marie Callender's Brunch

Hello All!

Those of you with kids will love this! You know how wonderful it is to get a meal off of cooking, but then you go to a restaurant and it seems to be actually more work! Once you finally get the kids food ready for consumption, yours is cold! Salad anyone?

So, great news! Marie Callender's who is offering kids eat free with adult meal and beverage purchase is including brunch in this promotion too! Adult Brunch is $14.99 and includes all types of breakfast foods, salad bar/soup bar and for those of us who are "breakfast food" fans, I might actually be a brunch convert at this one, they have lots of yummy lunch food too! Plus, dessert! Kids brunch, normally $7.99 is free when the adult buys brunch or anything off them menu! Today, I went with some friends for brunch, but ordered off the menu with a $9.29 entree and my daughter got her brunch free!

The best part was she could "snack" on a variety of foods while I got to enjoy my food warm too!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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