Monday, April 13, 2009

Savings Tip- Price Adjustments Retailers

Hello All-

Nothing is worse than buying an item and then seeing in on sale for MUCH cheaper than you purchased it for! I have had this happen and I am sure you have too!

I want to give you some tips to resolve/work through price adjustments!

1) Keep all your receipts! This is the #1 way to get a price adjustment.
2) If you have the merchandise you can take it to the store for the adjustment, but usually the receipt is sufficient.
3) Every store has different policies, but typically within 14 days of purchase (or less) you can get a price adjustment if an item has changed price. The store will credit you back in your original payment form. I have been known to request special treatment of a return/repurchase of an item if the savings was significant (one reason to make friends with sales associates from your favorite stores!) if I was past the adjustment period.
4) Watch store ads for special savings opportunities that might allow you an adjustment. Recently my husband bought some pillows for $11.99 and a pair of Ralph Lauren Khaki's ($29.99 on sale, down from $69.50) at Macy's. I knew that the 1 Day Sale (their monthly sale that is the best prices of that month) was 4 days after he made his purchase. I rounded up the receipts and made a trip in during the day of the sale and got the pillows down to $6.99 each (a $10 savings) and the pants had gone down to $13.99!! (a $16 savings!). I saved $26 in price adjustments, definitely worth the trip back into town! So...this brings me to the next hint! Especially for Macy's...if you know a 1 day sale is going to happen within 10 days (this is their price adjustment period) and an item is in limited supply (sale or clearance), buy it and go back for the adjustment. Sometimes items when they hit the 1 Day Sale price point go really fast so just an idea!
5) MOST stores have price adjustment policies and they are usually noted on the back of the receipt. Remember, you do have to go into the store during the posted price so keep on top of those sales!
6) This also works for many on-line e-tailers, you just have to email or call customer service and they will credit you!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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