Monday, April 13, 2009

Savings Tip-TV Service Providers

Hello All!

Here is a savings tip for Comcast customers! I am on one of the lower Comcast plans because I am not willing to pay a great deal for my tv service. I didn't want to upgrade to digital, but I will say that the On Demand options for free tv are great, especially for kids, so it has been worth the additional monthly fee.

My daughter has been really wanting a channel that is on an upgraded plan I am just not willing to pay for, so using my savvy negotiation skills, I figured out a way around this!

I called Comcast to see what plan this channel was on for sure, they wanted $20/month for the upgraded package. I told them I refused to pay this price since I could switch to satellite for half the price of this new package price they wanted. I then asked what "promotional pricing" they might be offering for this upgraded package. They were willing to match my current package price at the upgraded line-up for 6 months. I confirmed I didn't have an obligation to this package and can cancel at any time. I was also told to call back in 6 months and ask about any new promo pricing in an attempt to keep my current price for this package. Of course, if they won't match it, I won't keep it, but for 6 months I get a bunch of additional channels for the same price I am paying now!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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