Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rave-Luxe Store Oakway (Review)

Hello All!

Here is a review of Luxe in Oakway Center, a stationery, paper, jewelry, everything boutique in Oakway Center. I had always avoided this store because the name alone made me thing ca-ching!! I couldn't have been more wrong, yes they have some pricey finds, but the selection and pricing is great for any budget or lifestyle and I highly recommend them if you are after a fun item for your home or gift.

The store is organized into easy sections to find what you are looking for an many items are under $20, so you can find anything for anybody! This is one of those great hidden gem stores that has things you don't see anywhere else around town all in one spot and the unique products are fantastic!

Check them out, fun and friendly staff and great selection!

Happy Shopping!

Summer H.

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