Friday, November 14, 2008

Deal- $5 off $20 Purchase-Walgreens

Hello All-

This Friday and Saturday, save $5 on your $20 purchase at Walgreens! They run these coupons every once in awhile. You can print them on-line at

Hint: If you haven't yet purchased your FREE items at Walgreens what in the world are you waiting for? Get your car down there and pick those items up and anything else in the rebate EasySaver catalog you need. Also, check out the in-store circular (or review/print coupons on-line) so you can plan ahead before you get to the store. I always work to get right at $20 using all the coupons I have (remember to combine Walgreen's store and manufacturers) for optimum savings! If you get rebates on items, you may actually end up getting PAID to walk out of there!! Yes, I said PAID for the items you purchase. Read previous blog posts for examples or sign up for my savings class in January to see some examples of how I do it!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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