Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steal-Marie Callender's 1/2 Price Gift Certificates!

Hello All-

Right now you can get 1/2 price gift $25 gift certificates to Marie Callender's! These cost you $12.50. You can order 2 per person total. The shipping fee is $3.75, so buying 2 would be more cost effective!

NOTE: The site is linked to your email, so you can buy 2 per email account. I tried to enter my email again to purchase and it denied me. If you have multiple email accounts (I do!), then you can purchase multiple increments of 2.

I am sure this is a limited quantity promotion, so don't delay!

Copy this link into your search engine:


This is an e-deals promotion offered through a local radio station. Most of the TV/Radio stations have started doing these types of promotions, so take advantage of some great savings! They also have about 12 other 1/2 price offers on this site.

Hint: If you are buying holiday pies this is a great chance to save some money! Or this would be a great gift for a teacher or other service professional you use throughout the year!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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