Sunday, November 2, 2008

Deal-Entertainment Book 2009 (Walgreen's)

Hello All-

Sometimes you have to spend money to make money, a wise man told me that (my dad!) and I heed that knowledge when looking to save money.

In this case, a little spent can save you quite a bit! Normally I would recommend looking for free coupons, but sometimes you need to buy coupon books to take advantage of good deals.

Entertainment Books are a good up front investment in coupon savings. The books website will offer all types of deals in the next few months as the coupons start their life cycle (1 year) and as they get closer to expiration, various deals will come your way, but you aren't going to save any money if you don't have the book in your hands to maximize your savings the whole year!

Right now on you can get the book for $20 and free shipping (and that's a good option for those of you who want it sent directly to you!).

Walgreen's Special: Book is $25 normal retail. They have a $5 off coupon in the circular this week (in the Register Guard or your local store) and a $3 off coupon for a purchase over $10 at the Coburg Road store this week! Buy your book there and you can get it for $17!! A savings off $8 off retail. This is a good deal and you won't have to wait for your book to be can start saving right away!

Don't forget this retailer has a web-based coupon program too where you can print more coupons and take advantage of new deals as they are added...this is a great bonus!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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