Friday, November 14, 2008

Splurge-Sundance Catalog Christmas Items

Hello All-

I know, I know this is supposed to be a steals & deals blog, but once in awhile with all the money you save, you can afford to splurge!

One of my favorite sites on-line is as they always have fun products to look at. They also usually offer a fun mix of vintage items that send my heart soaring! Last year it was a vintage Chevy truck, this year a set of vintage Santa/Reindeer. Hmmmm.....well, maybe not at $695...that would be a lot of saving, but it is fun to look at!

But seriously....they do have items you won't find anywhere else and they have a great outlet section that has affordable prices on things you might have seen earlier and's a great place to check out right after holidays/seasons as items are discounted heavily, but they tend to go quick! So check back often!

Happy Saving (Splurging!)

Summer H.

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