Sunday, November 2, 2008

Free Perks-Join Opinion Website!

Hello All- is an online opinion/survey company that asks you to fill out surveys based on your profile and you can earn money to redeem for gift cards, magazines, food, etc.

This company is sometimes open and sometimes it is closed as they only have a certain # of members they use. I have noticed that the company was closed to new members, but then I got an email from macy's asking me to join. I had already joined, but I signed my husband up for an account so we could earn extra perks! So sometimes you might get an email from a company that participates/supports erewards even when they are closed for membership, sometimes you can join by invitation.

If you get an invitation, consider takes a bit of time to fill out surveys, but worth it with the free perks you get!

Hint: I have gotten $15 Borders Bucks, Free WonderTime Magazine, Free Shape Magazine, 6 Free Movie Rentals-Blockbuster, etc. just for answering some questions!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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