Sunday, November 2, 2008

Steal-Walgreen's Mascara Offer

Hello All-

You all know I speak Kudos to Walgreens for their great offers, but if you haven't checked them out this week!

I got a wonderful email from a friend today who got a great deal at Walgreens and I wanted to share it with you!

She knows my strategies, she visited Walgreens and bought 2 Almay mascaras (they are buy one get one free this week!). She then will redeem her FREE after rebate online for 1 of the the math, that is BOTH FREE!!! The 1 free is good in the month of November with EasySaver Rebates, but the other one you can get free this week...want to sweeten the deal?? Visit the Coburg Rd. location (just opened) on corner of Willakenzie and take the $3 coupon that is good at this location only (you have to buy $10 worth of items) and buy the mascaras there and possibly clip and use other couponed items in their circular this week for some great savings. Remember, you can use Walgreen's store coupons combined with manufacturer's coupons (from Sunday circular or your coupon organizer) to really save some great money this week!

Hint: I am noticing some trends with Walgreens that I will share with you as I see them! They bring out the EasySaver rebates a few days before the new month (Dec. EasySaver will appear around Thanksgiving) and I always ran out and bought the FREE items the first day I could, but you can only redeem 1 rebate per item per household...they seem to delay a week or two and then run the rebate items with additional coupons like the mascara offer above (I missed out on that because I already bought the mascara and entered my rebate). It might be worth waiting throughout the month to see if they run the FREE items as part of an additional promo saving you even more money!

Happy Saving!

Summer H.

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