Friday, November 14, 2008

Organize-Kids Play Areas

Hello All-

One of the ideas that I want to start incorporating into my blog are organizational tips. I think being organized helps you save money and I was reading an article the other day, where I think it was Suze Orman was quoted as saying if you are untidy and messy you are probably in debt. If you are clean/organized you have your finances under control. (if it was someone else, my apologies).

It is true that if you are organized and know where items are in your house by following the theme "everything has a place and a place for everything", my current motto your life will certainly take on a more balanced state. As my daughter nears 4, I feel like I am finally starting to get my life back in order and in balance (so please don't stress yourself out if you are in a season of life where this just isn't possible!). I had a dear friend tell me that I was in the messy season of life and she couldn't have been more right! I try to remember that when I get stressed about messes around my home.

Anyway, with approaching holiday and Christmas gifts coming right around the corner, I would like to encourage you to spend a few Saturday mornings (or better yet when your kids aren't around if that is possible) and start sorting/organizing their play areas. Keeping the idea of everything having a place. Kids will be more apt to put things away and enjoy helping with clean up if they are able participate by seeing where things are supposed to go so that they can find them the next time they want to use them. Having some type of organization system that is kid friendly, easily accessible and organized will make your life so much easier! Also, limiting the amount of items that are current rotation can be so helpful too! Consider tucking away toys if you have storage space so that you can rotate items into circulation, kids will be excited to see things they hadn't seen in awhile!

By spending a few hours now working on organizing and purging you will be refreshed when you aren't trying to add new items to the mix come the holidays. It is also a great time to donate items to friends/families who might have a need of used items this holiday season. Also, it will give you better perspective of what your child(ren) need and what would just be overkill this holiday season.

Happy Organizing!

Summer H.

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